The Humans Guide to a new DIGITAL Life

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The Specific Purpose Network

Humans need health, food, water, shelter, clothing, family, friends, transportation, security, and a future with optimism.

Humans have potential, time, talent, skill, knowledge, experience, education and the abilities to innovate a better life.

Humans want a sense of purpose to freelance, get a career, a job or a business, acquire property, stuff, assets, create income, increase income to create a better future for our next generations.

Humans deserve a better future with security, cybersecurity, specific purpose and digital direction in the digital world.

Needs, Wants, Haves

     A new DIGITAL Life is 24/7/365 real-time online & Forever!

Microsoft, Apple, Google, IBM, Cisco, Amazon, Linux plus Open Systems

A new DIGITAL Life means using ALL technology to improve humanity.

We are a technology company dedicated to helping people and businesses with I.T. solutions!

A new DIGITAL Life means transforming your potential, skills, talents, experiences, education, into tangible digital products, services, properties and assets which you can sell and distribute over digital networks interconnected locally and globally.

We are building the world’s largest and most specific purpose network and invite you to help us, in return we will help you, develop your new DIGITAL Life.

A new digital life means never having to say your offline.

Do you want to be online 24/7/365?

A new DIGITAL Life means building technology solutions to help humans with their needs, haves and wants.

What do Canadians need now, what do we have now and what do we want now?

 A new DIGITAL Life means …. Screen time, streaming, blogs, facetime, facebook, youtube, linkedin, databases, spreadsheets and websites.

How is a human to understand all the technology in the world?

A new DIGITAL Life means hardware, software and digital services.

What are the best products and services for you, specifically for you?

A new DIGITAL Life means new forms of expression, education, ecommerce and entertainment.

What creative, innovative and pure imaginative solutions will you discover?

A new DIGITAL Life means leading edge Digital services and products to build new digital properties and assets.

M.A.G.I.C.A.L. + Microsoft Apple Google IBM Cisco Amazon Linux + Open Systems

Our partners and fellow developers are dedicated to education, ecommerce and entertainment.
What tools do you need from our partners to help you?

A new DIGITAL Life means combining video, audio, text, graphics, animation, technology plus administration.

What products, services or experiences can you deliver to the worldwide market?

A new DIGITAL Life means creating original digital assets and other content, which can be bought and sold.

What original digital assets have you already created we can leverage?

A new DIGITAL Life means different realities holo-reality, mixed reality, augmented reality, virtual reality and real reality.

What does your new reality look like?

A new DIGITAL Life can be delivered on CD-ROM, DVD, disk, flash drive, over a highspeed broadband network or over cloud networks.

What are you good at, what can you do and what can we help you sell? 

A new DIGITAL Life means humans can interact with ‘new media’ in a manner not permitted by ‘old media’ that encourages and requires creativity, specific purpose and digital direction.

What will you create, to help you, improve your DIGITAL Life?

We are building this Project together

  • people and businesses working together for Specific Purpose
  • Microsoft, Apple, Google, IBM, Cisco, Amazon and Linux
  • adjust your business logic, processes, intelligence and strategies for the new economy
  • evaluate the pain points for your Worldwide Market Sector
  • gather relevant real-time data and information to evolve
  • use your existing media to create new digital rich media for your customers
  • build a new DIGITAL presence, not just another website; a FULL DIGITAL MEDIA with integrated video, audio, text, graphics, animation, technology and administration
  • use Skype, FaceTime, Facebook, YouTube and streaming YOUR OWN DIGITAL TELEVISION NETWORK and/or DEDICATED DIGITAL TV CHANNELS.
  • increase sales, decrease overhead and improve communication with Specific Purpose Programs
  • conduct Virtual Meetings
  • create Virtual Meeting Rooms
  • moderate Town Halls
  • build Forums
  • use Microsoft Teams, Skype and Office 365
  • work with Whiteboard Meetings
  • deliver CEO Messages
  • develop a new type of Corporate Messaging and Internal Communication Systems
  • Specific Purpose Business Applications
  • Virtual Reality
  • 3D
  • use Avatars
  • use Mixed Reality
  • use Augmented Reality
  • use Holograms
  • get Financing from Microsoft or IBM to upgrade your hardware, software, services and digital objectives O.A.C.

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