IBM selects Hamilton firm to lead global AI innovation with Watson, the supercomputer.

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Hamilton, ON (August 20, 2018) IRONSIDE  newMedia Inc. moves on to Phase 2 of Watson BUILD 2018. “We decided to enter the challenge because we believe we have a very unique AI solution, in a time where digital transformation is still looking for direction.” says Mark Ironside, President.

Watson BUILD 2018 What will YOU build?

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Dear Mark:

Congratulations! Your firm has been selected by IBM to move forward to Phase 2 of Watson Build. Submissions for this year’s Watson Build were of the highest caliber. Your business plan was among a select group representing the most innovative AI concepts and sets the standard for Business Partners proposing Watson-based solutions.

Your ideas will now move to the Build phase where you will have access to IBM Watson and Cloud services technology credits* to apply to your solution, technical support, and subject matter experts to help you bring your concept to life as a working prototype. Phase 2 runs from August 6 – November 6, 2018.

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“Now, we have all the tools we need to build BETA Specific Purpose Network TV™ [SPN TV™] with $7,000 USD OF assistance from IBM.” says Ironside. SPN TV™ is an Over-the-Top OTT Broadcast Project designed to create a new media digital economy based on turning potential into digital assets which can be bought and sold globally. OTT Broadcasting is classified as a broadcasting network which uses a ‘black box’ to manage and control the network. The prototype is actually a hexagon Code Name: ‘HexBox’ specifically designed to stream, upload and download files for the Specific Purpose Network Digital Television™ Channels.

The Specific Purpose Network TV™ system is envisioned to have 50 languages, 50 Market Sectors, 20,000 Vertical Markets and 400 Horizontal Specific Purpose Programs. “We need the power of Watson with Machine Learning and AI to build the best digital tv channels possible. When the build is finished we expect to have the largest, best and most sophisticated Digital Television network in the world.” says Ironside. “This is not meant to replace a search engine, it’s designed to give the user specific relevant data and much more interactivity. It’s meant to get you the information you need when you need it, no matter what device your are using. I believe this is going to help people and businesses increase sales, decrease overheads and improve communication globally.” Ironside says, “For end-users it means they get relevant data, businesses get new digital services and affiliates get an opportunity to develop in the new media digital economy.”

Now, the pressure is on for the Hamilton, ON based company to deliver on their innovative solution and concepts. This is leading edge technology and it needs to be delivered in an easy to understand format. “AI is just another tool, nothing to be afraid of, AI is just a tool.” says Ironside, owner and thirty year I.T. veteran. He goes on to say “I believe the reason IBM accepted our business plan and AI strategy is, we are utilizing every aspect of Watson and building a real global solution to build the new media digital economy. Thousands of people and businesses are looking for Specific Purpose solutions in Canada and the World. With SPN TV™ business owners and entrepreneurs will now be able to access within seconds specific relevant data.”

The company works directly with other IBM Business Partners in Hamilton and beyond including Peter (Air Doctor) Chernets, AirDoctor.tv, Dargus of GoobopMedia.com, Hugh Avendano, NovaVision.TV and Shannon Burger, AlFraPat.com. The company’s mission is to lead digital transformation by turning potential into digital assets which can be sold worldwide. Head Office is based in Hamilton, which is a great place to grow a business.

The company’s website at www.ironsidenewmedia.com contains additional information.

Company Information:
IRONSIDE newMedia Inc. is an IBM Business Partner and top provider of digital solutions with over 30 years of IT expertise. Founded in 2017, a family led company with Mark, Ruthann and daughter Jayde Ironside. They have multiple Award Winning Programming, Project Leadership and Development credits. They produced and hosted the Cable 14 Program “Computers and You” a Live “Call-in” TV show assisting viewers with their computer problems from 1989-1993. The company has always been focused on delivering state-of-the-art technology, education and new media.

For more information contact:
Mark Ironside

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