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Mark Ironside

Award Winning Programmer / UX Designer / Project Manager

Digital TV Producer / Director in the Digital Television field. Some might remember Mark from his LIVE Computer Television Shows in the early 90‘s when he produced and hosted ―’Computers and You’ on Cable 14, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. His 110 shows made it easy for people to understand technology, focused on assisting his audience with computer problems and featured interviews with industry leaders. Since then, he has produced numerous television, radio, Internet and print campaigns. He continues to educate people and companies about technology, products and services in an entertaining sales oriented manner.  This site details the world of new media and how to use Internet Television to increase profits, improve communication and decrease overheads.  Recently he assisted Jonathan Chevreau in developing the FindependenceHUB.com.  With over 30 years of technology and television experience, Mark explains how new media works and how it can assist you in your life and business.

FUTURNOMICS – New Media, New Businesses

Jayde Katelyn Ironside is a talented and creative author. Daughter of Mark, she has grown up with a keyboard in one hand and her father whispering (rambling, etc.) the secrets of the business‘ in her ear. As she grew, she became more involved in the actual work by being a writer, photographer, videographer, voiceover artist, producer, director and much more in order to help her father succeed. …I‘m now going to stop typing in the third person and just say this. My father has worked extremely hard on this system, and as he has been programming I‘ve been over his shoulder soaking everything in, giving my opinion and numerous edits. I‘m still amazed at what he has accomplished and am very proud to be his daughter.

newMediaSTAR.tv wins Microsoft PURE IMAGINATION for Best UX

Cable 14 TV Hamilton – A couple of the 1991 Computer Shows
110 LIVE Shows from 1989-1993 

As Microsoft Partners since 1987, Windows 10, Azure and the new Universal Windows Interface allow us to develop new solutions for our clients to increase sales, decrease overheads and improve communications.  We are Award Winning Microsoft Partners, Apple Developers, Google Developers, IBM Business Partners & Cisco Partners.

IRONSIDEnewMedia Inc. are proud Members of the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce and have been providing technology, marketing and advertising solutions since 1987.