Definition of New Media

New Media = Video + Audio + Text + Graphics + Animation + Technology + Administration (V.A.T.G.A.T.A.)

The emerging technology requires and facilitates new forms of expression. What distinguishes the new media is the fact that the content, whether delivered on a CD-ROM, DVD, floppy disk or over a high-speed broadband network, must be processed by a computer before it can be put to use. New Media services or products make use of alphanumeric text, pictures, sound, music, graphics, data, animation and full motion video. These encourage or require the user to interact with the material in a manner not permitted by the ‘old media’ and involves, along with other more traditional means of distribution, digital delivery over networks interconnected on a local or global scale.
Source: 1997 Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission & Government of Canada

New Media Digital Applications

Video – Footage can be filmed, captured, digitized and then posted to Internet TV. Any existing footage can also be transferred into digital content then added to your libraries. Video can also be used to capture still pictures. Video is typically 30 frames per second, so if there is a specific picture you need, you can save just one frame of the video. One minute of video will create 1800 individual pictures that can be logged into a graphics library. Audio can also be extracted from the video to create separate audio tracks that can also create audio libraries. 

Audio – Books, original music, scripts or detailed business content can all be captured or voiced then transferred into digital content. Any content that has been purchased can be transferred into digital content. For instance, if you have purchased original cassette tapes, you have already purchased the rights to digitize the music and create your own compilations of the content for personal use only. Today, creating your own audio is simple. No longer do you need to go into expensive studios in order to create great quality audio. Original music can now be created easily with software programs. Unfortunately, this bypasses the musician, however it makes original music a much more viable option when creating content. Also, for the musicians, there are now programs that you can input your original tracks into and edit without engineers or producers.

Text – Books, communication, writing, reports, technical manuals, support materials, white papers or specific copy written for specific purposes can be catalogued into libraries. For instance, specific research papers garner thousands of dollars and once transferred into libraries can be sold over and over again. There is a category of text called ‘public domain’ that represents content where the copyrights have run out and the content can be copied legally. Literary works over 50 years old fall into this category. 

Graphics – Graphics include photos, drawings, schematics, compilations or computer generated (CG) picture can be compiled into libraries. Graphics are a very important element in creating all kinds of content. A picture tells a thousand words and the right graphic for the right purpose can tell a story or parts of the story. For instance, icons that represent certain elements on a website or certain graphics included in a video are important in creating content. It is said that graphics will either pull you in or repel you, so depending on the use of the graphics it is important to have access to these libraries. Many libraries exist on the Internet and can be purchased very reasonably if you are graphically challenged. 

Animation – These graphics are the rapid display of a sequence of images of 2-D, 3-D artwork or model positions in order to create an illusion of movement. Animation allows you to put many layers of text or graphics together to communicate a message. Animation can be used to illustrate products from various views, compiled into films or used in more traditional forms such as cartoons or banners for websites. These libraries can be created to illustrate extreme situations that would otherwise be difficult to represent in real life. 

Technology – Libraries of tools, code and special programs are numerous today. There are literally thousands of technological assistants that are typically categorized into freeware or public domain (free), shareware (free trials), evaluations (full use, limited time) and fee or licensed based programs. 

New Media Applications

Some businesses can use many of these applications and some maybe just a few however, each have specific elements and strategies. As you go through these applications think about the types of opportunities that can be created for your business or clients. 

Advertising – Breathe new life into your existing advertising. Content you have spent thousands of dollars on can be transformed into new media ad messages such as banners, buttons and interactive Internet webpages. By adding video and audio to your messages make your communications more powerful. These ads can become one of your main sources of promotions on the Internet. The calls to action your advertising needs to invoke can be greatly enhanced by attaching forms, questionnaires and other action oriented processes. Your existing advertising campaigns can be developed in order to optimize results.

Advertorials – Advertising combined with editorial content adds a new dimension to your marketing strategies. The benefits of blending educational content with your advertising materials give customers and prospective customers a more in depth look into the reasons why they need your product or service. Educating your prospect and subsequently compelling them to take some form of action can stimulate results that you may not be gaining currently from your traditional ads.

Annual Meetings – The costs of holding annual meetings has become a great concern for many organizations. By adding Internet broadcasting capabilities to annual meetings many more features can be built in for the shareholders to take advantage of. For instance pre-taped messages, interactive chat, live video, white-boards, audio, file transfers and other interactive Internet elements can be added to give shareholders more information. Internet broadcasted annual meetings can gain more attendance from people that may otherwise not be able to get to the event. This new form of annual meeting can instill confidence that the company is progressing towards leading edge solutions to communicate important information shareholders desire.

Articles – Newspaper articles, interoffice communications, memos, management messages, press releases, testimonials, industry information, company news and updates are only a few of the types of articles that can be transformed into video and/or audio to enhance your Internet presence. By adding video and audio articles your busy audience gains fast and effective communication of the benefits you offer.

Business Presentations – Every business, product or service has an element of presentation necessary before an acquisition, purchase order or direct sale is made. This new medium adds many more elements to enhance your presentations in order to gain the results you desire. Video, audio, graphics and interactive elements can be included in order to gain interactive participation by your target audience. For example your presentations can include information that can be downloaded and reviewed after the presentation has concluded. Simple slide shows can add interactive elements for direct contact with a sales representative or live support for important questions. Your business presentations can be targeted to specific audiences and/or tailored for a more global audience. By adding these compelling interactive elements to your Business Presentations your customers or potential customers can gain the valuable information they need in order to make a buying decision or engage them into making a serious inquiry.

Catalogues – Catalogues are a very costly and time consuming method of marketing. Electronic catalogues can now include video, audio, graphics and text that can be printed by the customer thereby cutting down on printing expenses. Products can now be represented in a three dimensional format which allow products to be viewed from all angles. These three dimensional models can include features that demonstrate product functionality. The customer gains the benefit of seeing products or services with all the details and specifications necessary to make a buying decision, these details are often excluded in regular printed catalogues. These electronic catalogues can facilitate e-commerce to increase sales from your catalogue strategies.

CEO Messages – Leaders of every organization have vital information that needs to be communicated to different audiences in a timely and effective manner. Internet Broadcasting can become a great asset to distribute important information to management, shareholders, suppliers, media, employees and of course customers. Communications between the CEO and their audiences can enhance public relations by adding the elements of video, audio, text, graphics and other interactive elements which allow your CEO to interact with the specific audiences.

Commercials – Thousands of dollars, many hours of creativity and production go into developing commercials not to mention the high costs of airing them. Commercials can make the difference in product acceptance and market saturation. By Internet Broadcasting your commercials through interactive on-demand formats such as banners, buttons and web pages Internet Broadcasting offers new life for commercials that may not be seen again. Targeted audiences have round-the-clock access to the benefits of the thousands of dollars that0 are spent on your commercial advertising messages. These commercials can also be added to a commercial library that can be used for sales people, trade shows, business presentations, associates, customers or suppliers to add content to their websites.

Conferences – The costs of holding conferences has risen dramatically. By hosting Internet conferences through Internet Broadcasting you can broadcast keynote speakers, specialized conference topics, distribute conference materials and add conference specials. These conferences can create revenues giving access to special areas, special access codes for event products, memberships or ticket sales. By archiving your conference, attendees can gain the information that they require at their convenience. Internet Broadcasting offers interactive components to guarantee communication of the information you wish to deliver to your desired audience. As Internet Broadcasting gains more acceptance, Internet conferencing is becoming more effective at delivering precise information to specific audiences. Internet conferences may include video, audio, text, graphics and other interactive elements that can reduce overheads and increase communication to your desired clientele.

Contests – Interactive contests have become a main prospecting tool for many organizations. By combining your contests, Internet Broadcasting, Television, Radio and Print advertising campaigns you create new forms of marketing to individuals and businesses. Contest banners now form the second most popular method of gaining eyeballs to websites. The most productive form of Internet banners are ones that integrate video or audio elements. So by combining the elements of contests, video and/or audio messaging to your banners your business will gain more results.

Corporate Announcements – Whether it is an important message, new employee announcement or other critical information that is necessary to be announced *Internet Broadcasting Works* A newspaper announcement is meaningful on the day of printing, Internet Broadcasting can add more information, greater impact and a longer life to the announcement Announcements can be archived in a library so they can be reviewed at anytime. Announcements that are made in traditional methods can have Internet addresses added to give users access to additional information.

Corporate Communication – Every form of communication is being affected by the Internet and Intranets. Communication in its raw form is the transfer of information or intelligence that is vital to every business. Corporate communication that adds Internet Broadcasting and other interactive elements can enhance virtually every form of communication. By adding interactive elements to your communications you can gain participation from your audience by adding the ability for feedback, thoughts or ideas to become more effective. 

Corporate Videos – Many thousands of dollars are spent on corporate videos to increase corporate sales and image. The exposure of these videos can be increased by including them in your Internet banners, buttons and web pages. By integrating your corporate videos into interactive communication you can increase your audience and optimize the impact. Corporate videos can be added to enhance business presentations, corporate background web pages, suppliers or affiliate websites.

Customer Support – Most of the customer support that takes place in an organization consists of repeating the same information many times to different audiences. Many websites have added Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to their website presence. By adding video, audio, text, graphics and other interactive elements customer support can become more effective by adding additional information to customer support issues. For instance if a customer is having a problem with a product or a service helpful hints, additional products, interactive communication like chat can be added to give immediate customer satisfaction and perhaps added revenue through additional sales. This form of customer support also adds an additional benefit in that the tracking of customer support issues can be recorded and interpreted by upper level management in order to streamline or add additional communications, products or services.

Dedicated Content Channels – By adding dedicated channels of video or audio content to your website presence you have the opportunity of educating suppliers, customers and others about specific products or services. By building a dedicated channel to all the issues of a product or service you add the ability to add interactive communication between your business and your audience. An educated consumer buys more readily than a non-informed consumer. With the high cost of making a sales call for the purposes of discovering a client’s need and building a solution with your product or service a dedicated content channel can be developed to include sales presentations, testimonials, FAQs and other interactive elements to increase customer knowledge and confidence.

Editorials – Valuable information that is used to create editorials about a business, product or service can be created with interactive elements which can substantiate the editorial. For instance if you are announcing a new product or service you can include technical specifications, research, facts or even survey information in the editorial to give a more detailed picture of the product or service. This makes the editorial more appealing to a journalist who has to make the decision to run a specific piece or not. If an editorial has research information attached the job of a media personality becomes more efficient and the chances of an editorial being run are much greater. Also, editorial pieces included on your website allow the audience to zero in on specific information they desire.

Evaluations – Product evaluations, employee evaluations, service evaluations and other forms of evaluations can be greatly enhanced with the use of video, audio and other interactive elements that allow for anonymous or specific audiences. By explaining the purpose, expected results or other critical information necessary for a productive evaluation the evaluation process can be more efficient in the gathering of the valuable information that you wish to achieve.

Infomercials – Typically infomercials are nothing more than features, advantages and benefits to using a particular product or service. Infomercials are very costly to produce and to air, but by adding infomercials to your website you can add the educational and testimonial information that make up infomercials. People buy what people buy, the more testimonial information that can be added to your website the better. By adding actual video and audio testimonials to your website presence you gain added credibility to your product or service. By adding this type of content to your website your sales will increase. 

Information Sessions – Information communication is key for every business; by adding video, audio and other interactive elements information sessions can increase your prospects understanding of what you do. Information sessions act as around the clock sales people that can attract a greater percentage of sales. Information sessions can also be used to screen a wide range of human resource procedures and can make hiring and recruiting procedures more efficient. For example if you are hiring engineers, the full scope of the companies needs and requirements can be illustrated through video, audio and other interactive elements which give the audience necessary information in order to gain the most interested and qualified individuals.

Instructional Videos and Audio – Product knowledge, policies, procedures, company background, customer service, Frequently Asked Questions, management communications, Presidents messages, sales techniques, management techniques, motivation, promotions, research information and many other forms of instructional videos. In many cases video, audio and other interactive elements can increase productivity, cut down learning curves, increase sales, benefit customer service and motivate customers and employees. Many companies are just starting to understand that it takes more money to replace employees than to keep employees happy. Communication and knowledge assist greatly in creating an environment where employees feel productive and meaningful. If people know what is expected from them the chances of retaining an employee are greater. Communication, communication and more communication. Video, audio and other interactive elements can greatly assist in keeping a cohesive message. These messages typically don’t change however the deliveries of these messages change with personality. If these instructions are delivered by the President or CEO then there is no room for confusion. Instructing all people that are involved in a project or business that have the correct messages and methods assists in eliminating the confusion and eventual frustration with the tasks at hand. Proper attention to this category can eliminate many wasted hours and dollars. By having this information accessible on the Internet or an Intranet with the proper security can make the difference between success and failure of the organization.

Interactive Customer Support – Live, immediate response to customer concerns is a great way of gaining a more loyal and satisfied customer. It costs less to retain a customer than to gain a new customer so an efficient customer support mechanism is important to every business. By adding live video, audio and other interactive elements the customer gains immediate satisfaction to their concerns or problems. This live contact can also have direct impact on additional sales by simply adding questions to the support process. Would you like fries with that?

Interactive Magazines – This new form of communication is becoming very popular for businesses to address communications issues. E-Zines the common term for electronic magazines are creating new subscribers and dedicated audiences. Specific or general information can be updated frequently and by adding customized elements that your subscribers can use to personalize the information that they require adds an element of just in time information. For example, if a customer always buys one specific product and your competitor is about to release a similar product you can reaffirm your products benefits over the competitor. Or if your industry is about to make changes in a particular area you can gain added points by informing your customers prior to any public announcements. These interactive magazines can also become a forum for you to advertise, educate and gather other information that you will find valuable in marketing your product or service. By adding video, audio and other interactive elements to your magazine you can increase awareness and product acceptance.

Inter-Branch Notifications – Many companies have branches that need timely communication in order to instill change. Change has become more important today than it ever has. If a policy, procedure, product or message is important to be communicated to all branches at the same time then internal notification systems are a must for any national or international firm. By adding video, audio and other interactive elements to communication you insure that there are no misunderstandings. The old story about the understanding of a specific message being interpreted differently from one person to another makes a very compelling reason for this form of communication to be implemented. If a regional manager has a message for branch managers then a pre-taped or live message is better than a memo, fax or telephone call simply because the message can be archived and reviewed for clarity. This way there are no misunderstandings or confusions due to the wrong or varied interpretation of the message.

International Meetings – The cost of travel, time restraints and event coordination make the Internet a very viable option for business. International meetings can now take place over the Internet in a very efficient manner. Meetings always have a list of objectives; featured speakers, product knowledge, new company information, updates and other critical information can be delivered with new media. Meetings can now use the Internet to communicate information live or in pre-recorded formats. This optimizes the time people spend travelling and still gains the benefits of knowledge transfer these meetings need to accomplish. This does not mean International meetings can be eliminated because the personal element of communication is still vital, however it does mean more frequent meetings can be held.

Interviews – Human resources and the sub-contracting of services has become a vital role in the development of corporations. Frequently the interview process includes two, three or four interviews before determining an individual or company’s acceptance for a position or project. By adding video, audio and other interactive elements to the qualification process more than one individual at a time can view information, qualifications and personalities of the potential candidates. Decisions can be made as a group and additional or qualifying information can be handled in a timelier manner. 

Live Bidding And Auctions – These types of marketing methods have become commonplace on the Internet. Whether you have a product or service this adds a new distribution model to your existing marketing efforts. By adding this live element to your marketing you can add new revenue streams to your bottom line. With video, audio and other interactive elements the opportunity for your business to draw a qualified buying audience are greatly enhanced. This form of marketing has almost become an entertainment form in itself where the competition of the bid makes for an exciting pastime. If you sell a product or a service you should consider this form of marketing.

Meetings – Meetings make up a great portion of a company’s business. Booking meetings, traveling, parking, and follow-up are all very time consuming. Internet meetings are becoming one of the most effective ways of conducting a meeting. You still have the visual aspects of the meeting as well as the added benefits of recording the events for later playback. By establishing this type of meeting format your can add video, audio and other interactive elements meetings have not had before. Imagine being able to have 100% recall of all the details about the meeting. Also, the opportunity to have all the resources available to you including access to critical information that may result because of the issues that are created because of the meeting. For instance if you are working on a particular supply issue and you have the opportunity to directly communicate with the people responsible for the production schedule. Security in this case is an issue that needs to be addressed however, with special encryption applications these issues can be dealt with. By starting now and making this feature part of your business you will be able to improve productivity and cut down traffic headaches.

Online Grand Openings – The launch of a new product, the opening of a new location, the first time a service is being put into action can all be broadcast to individuals or businesses, locally, regionally, nationally and globally. Many businesses, products and services are being launched daily. Many of these announcements are made at trade shows, conferences and other isolated venues. By adding video, audio and other interactive elements to the event you can gain a larger audience of willing and interested businesses and individuals. By simply informing your target audience of the upcoming event and broadcasting it over the Internet you can gain the impact of immediate sales and inquiry opportunities. Many businesses or people may be interested in your product or service however they may not have the time to attend your Grand Opening in person. This way any Grand Opening specials or Promotions can be accepted by a greater audience.

Online Trade Shows – Trade shows increase a business’s exposure, increase lead generation and act as a demonstration point for specific products and services. Typically, people who stop at a booth are already qualified by their interest in their attendance to the trade show. People that represent you at the trade show give the same presentation over and over again. Online trade shows give the benefit of having the same presentation on-demand. Demonstrations or presentations are available 24/7 without the expense and time consumption physical trade shows demand. With video, audio and other interactive elements you can accomplish the same results by integrating the elements of the trade show like literature, support materials, contests, giveaways, product demos and personal interaction via instant messaging and live video applications. The greatest advantage of this type of method is you can reach a much broader audience with better follow-up procedures. For instance, once an interested buyer has taken the time to drop by your online booth they can address any issues of importance to them by simply typing their comments into a comment area. These comments are can then be automatically forwarded to the sales department for personal contact.

Polls – If your business could poll customers or potential customers to discover their wants, desires or needs.  Imagine the new decisions that can be made by involving your viewers and potential customers with thought provoking questions. Launching new products or services becomes more effective, interactive and the immediate response can greatly assist. Research and  becomes easier to obtain. By polling customers or potential customers you can gather important information to save both time and money. If a product or service is polled for additional features they can be built into the product or service prior to manufacturing or launch. Sometimes asking a customer what they want can be more enlightening than spending money on prototypes that may not be acceptable to the marketplace. By adding video, audio and other interactive elements to your poll you may discover some interesting statistics helpful in your marketing, production or processes.

Press Releases – Unlike regular press releases that go out over a news wire, Internet press releases can be distributed in a number of different ways. Important information that needs to be communicated to the press can now be sent direct through email, specialized forums, link exchanges and affiliate websites. There are also special interest groups which can be notified, specialized mailing lists and new media services that can be built into an overall media strategy. Banners, buttons and press release websites can contain video, audio and other interactive elements that can greatly enhance the messages you need to communicate to your industry or the media.

Online Press Conferences – It is a known fact that the media controls most of what the consumer believes or not. Having the ability to communicate information to the press has become a critical part of doing business. Perception has become reality and if your company, product or service is conceived incorrectly by the press then success or failure may result. By holding your own press conferences on the Internet you have the opportunity to plan, target and carefully critique the information that you expose to the public. As time goes on and the persuasiveness of the Internet increases making information available to the media in a timely and efficient manner will become more significant. The ability for a journalist or a reporter to use your press conference as reference for an article or news piece that they are working on is becoming an important instrument for the media today. More and more television broadcasts are using websites as an integral part of delivering their story. The more information that you can get to the press the better your company will do. Advertising is a very costly adventure, yet a well written article or news piece could do more for your business than thousands of dollars spent on an ad. The added benefit to this type of online press conferences is that reporters globally can participate, therefore giving you a better chance of gaining media coverage globally. By adding video, audio and other interactive elements to your online press conference you can assist the media in gaining a fully rounded picture of your whole business, product or service.

Product Demonstrations – It goes without saying  ‘seeing is believing’. Product demonstrations are key for all businesses. By adding video, audio and other interactive elements to your website presence you can attract a much more qualified prospect. These product demonstrations can include all the information that a prospect needs in order to make an informed buying decision. By making product demonstrations available on the Internet you are able to reach a much broader audience and increase your demo to sales ratios. By adding your product demonstrations you also guarantee that the presentation gets delivered in the same manner every time. Product demonstrations also get the added benefit of having an ecommerce feature to allow businesses or people to directly purchase.

Product Launches – With all product launches the more businesses or people that see the product launch the better the chances of success. By adding video, audio and other interactive elements your audience gains the added benefit of having all the details necessary to make a buying decision. With the proper preparation your product launch should be one of the most successful days in product sales. Many products have been pre-marketed and had orders prior to the actual product launch. With the right mix of activities your pre-product launch can be greatly enhanced with the use of the Internet.

Public Relations – Public Relations signifies one of your companies greatest strengths or weaknesses. A good Public Relations strategy can be worth its strategy in gold. Today, PR is more than getting ink, interviews and sending out press releases, your PR can add some great benefits in using video, audio and other interactive elements that can add to your presence. The Internet can be used as an almost immediate way of communicating with the world. Properly used the Internet can become one of the greatest PR tools that you have at your fingertips.

Questionnaires – Gathering information is always a businesses greatest tool in making decisions about the market, customer desires, wants and needs. Today, the ability to have questionnaires on your website is an important way of gathering critical information. This information typically comes with a price, it has been discovered that people are willing to fill out questionnaires if there is something in it for them. Some type of offer or reward increases the success of these questionnaires. Also the ability to keep the information anonymous adds to increased results. By adding video, audio and other interactive elements you can increase the results of this important business function.

Reports – The reporting function in any business is necessary. Every department has some form of accountability. By adding video, audio and other interactive elements reports can become a very effective tool in communicating information to all departments of the company. The larger the company, the more important it is to have open communication of reports and activities for each department. Security is of vital importance in this form of communication and can be addressed with different applications that allow customized protection to allow access at different levels.

Sales – Revenue is of course the most important issue that your company has. By using video, audio and other interactive elements to increase sales you have a greater chance of reaching your target audience and opening new accounts. Repeat sales can also be greatly enhanced with frequent communication and up-todate product and servicing information. If your company relies on an internal sales procedure video, audio and other interactive elements can add a more personalized aspect to your sales process and repeat order system.

Security – Cameras can be installed just about anywhere today. Security camera systems are very inexpensive today compared to years ago. Now you can set-up a security system in your business or home and have access to them remotely through the Internet. This form of security gives you the opportunity to record and view activities 24 hours a day, everyday.

Seminars – Seminars are a great form of marketing. Seminars that add video, audio and other interactive elements can enhance a seminar presentation and also create a new form of online seminar presentation. By integrating the Internet into a seminar presentation the presenter has access to more information that can assist in delivering a successful presentation. On the other side of the coin a well delivered seminar can be recorded, archived and experienced after the seminar is over. Presentation materials can be viewed, downloaded and printed during and after the presentation which increases the distribution of critical information and decreases the need for the company to absorb costly material expenses.

Specials – Time sensitive specials and promotions can be delivered to your target audience through video, audio and other interactive elements. Email can distribute messages to your audience with a link back to a more detailed website with your special information. The special can then be connected to your ecommerce to facilitate immediate orders thereby increasing your bottom line.

Stockholders Meetings – Whether you are communicating with a potential stockholder or your existing stockholders, video, audio and interactive elements can assist you in communicating important information. Today’s sophisticated investors have much more control with their investment dollars. The marketplace of today demands that businesses make available all the information possible in order to allow the investor to research and educate themselves on your company, products and services prior to them investing. By creating a clear picture of your business with details that are easy to access and understandable, the decision to invest in your stock becomes easier and more immediate. Due diligence is taking many forms today and if your company uses these tools effectively the results on your bottom line is obvious. By using these tools to communicate information to your stockholders also shows the progressive thinking that is necessary for your company.

Surveys – Surveys are one of the best ways to find out what people like or dislike about your product or service.  1. Video, audio and interactive elements increase results 2. Customers will tell you what they want 3. The more information you make available, the more educated the customer will be. Surveys can tell you about trends, wants, desires and needs of your target audience. Whether you are in the business to business arena or business to customer arena surveys on performance, quality, quantity and service can be very beneficial. Surveys that offer some kind of reward or benefit garner more results.

Testimonials – One of the best ways to tell people about your product or service is to have customers give their opinions about it. One of the reasons infomercials have become so successful is because they are made up primarily of testimonials. There is a saying “people buy what people buy” and testimonials are the easiest way to convey this message. There is nothing more powerful than ‘word of mouth’ advertising. If someone recommends a product or service, the buying decision is easier to make if someone has given you their experiences with it. Testimonials should be the first application you use with Internet TV.  

Trade Shows – Thousands of dollars are spent on developing a trade show presence and optimizing the value of the experience is critical. Trade show attendees are already pre-qualified prospects and the importance of the meeting could mean the difference between a successful trade show or not. There are many ways that video, audio and interactive elements play an integral role in the trade show. Presentations at the trade show need to be compelling, interesting and effective. Typically, there are more attendees to speak to than representatives therefore, alternate methods of addressing attendee’s needs are necessary. Computers, the Internet and interactive presentations can act as alternatives to a busy booth representative. Since product presentations are consistent the computer and Internet can deliver critical information that the attendee desires. By building presentations on the Internet and by including this information in take away materials the attendee can gather some of the information that they need and then log the information that is available to them after the show is over. Also by using video, audio and other interactive elements trade show representatives can get the proper instructions that they need for the show. More often than not a company spends thousands on a trade show and then the representatives are not properly briefed or equipped with the basic information they need in order to qualify and demonstrate the products or services that they represent. If your company is spending money on trade shows the last thing that you need are human brochure stands. Since this information is standard ask the President or CEO for a video or audio interview on exactly what the representative’s duties are and make sure they are on your website so they can be accessed easily. This information may need to be secured with passwords and special access codes.


Award Ceremonies – There is no better feeling than receiving an award and gaining recognition for a job well done. By capturing the ceremony you or your company will be able to relive these moments for years to come. Awards also act as a significant confidence booster for anyone dealing with you or your company. Making this content available will insure that your audience will be able to see how and why you received your award. Typically, before you receive an award, the master of ceremonies will give a background on how you achieved it and these details can be very important in dealing with prospects in your future. These awards also set you apart from others in your field and thereby assist in the perception of you being an expert or specialist. 

Concerts – Most people like a good concert. By making the concert available on Internet TV, audiences all over the world can deliver a new fan base. Although, you will have to gain special privileges like copyright, filming rights and distribution rights concerts can become DVDs that can be sold and/or downloaded. Captured concerts can also be added to websites to enhance a fan’s experience. If you are a musician, the fan base that you will be able to capture would be significantly more than if you were playing local gigs to get your name out. 

Live Events – Any live event can be captured and broadcast live on Internet TV. Many time sensitive occasions like product launches, press conferences, and special announcements can be broadcast live for the world to experience. Weddings for instance can bring your family and friends together for that special moment in time. Any event is a good event for Internet TV. Once the event has taken place it can be placed into an archived section to be reviewed in the future.   


Special Occasions – Any special occasion can be captured and broadcast on Internet TV. Many times due to time and location, people that you want to share the occasion with cannot be present. By recording and making your special occasion available, people will be able to share your experiences. Memories of these occasions and the people involved can make for many good and happy thoughts in the future. 

Existing Tape – Anything that you have taped in the past can be converted and broadcast on Internet TV. Just about any type of format can be transferred into data and then broadcast on Internet TV. Think about films or video that have been sitting on the shelves, they deteriorate as time goes by. Taking this footage or tape and transferring it to a digital format will insure the content does not get lost or damaged. By doing this you may find that you discover hidden gems that you may have forgotten about. 

Birthdays, Celebrations, Family Vacations, Parties, Weddings, etc. – All of these types of events can be digitized and archived on Internet TV. You may want to broadcast these events in a secure area if the content is not meant for the world to see. You can send a password to the people you want to see the content. This is also a great way to save the memories you have captured. 


Libraries of content are being developed all over the world. These libraries are typically called ‘stock libraries’. For instance, if you are doing a project involving hiking boots, you can buy video footage of mountain terrain, high quality graphics from picture libraries and statistics from statistical libraries. The costs associated with these purchases are much less than going out and filming the desired footage, capturing the photos necessary and researching the statistics necessary for your project. Therefore building libraries becomes a very viable way of developing content and also a source for others to draw upon. All content can be logged with keywords so it can be categorized, described and tagged with copyright identification markers so they can be put into a digital rights management system so their uses can be tracked throughout the Internet. This type of management will insure that content you have spent time and money on will not be pirated. Lower resolution, intrusive watermarks or only partial content can protect your catalogue of content, so potential buyers can see the content they will receive once they have placed their orders. By using these libraries you can optimize your projects by combining the best elements available in the world. If you are not talented in certain areas of content development, these libraries can really assist you in putting together great professional content at a reasonable cost.


Television is still the most powerful medium on the planet and it will play an important role in gaining the exposure that you will vitally need. As part of our own internal strategy developing the New Media Show is going to be a good platform for all our marketing and advertising activities. The television show will incorporate Education, eCommerce and Entertainment. The show will be developed with a combination of our classroom training, students, interviews, product demonstrations, performances and music. It has been my experience that television creates immediate results in the way of sales, inquiries and drives traffic to the Internet. The show is designed to become a new form of infomercial to educate people about new media, students’ products and services also a way to showcase talent. We will be starting with a half-hour format to be increased to an hour. It is our goal to broadcast the shows first locally, nationally then internationally. Every show is designed to be timeless, what I mean by this is that as we produce the shows so they can be shown over in reruns. Television will be leading our strategies to drive traffic to all websites in our network. The television shows will allow us to show the public what is available on the Internet. Since we are limited by traditional television airtime and not limited with Internet TV we can put more video on websites. We have found the amount of time spent on a website increases with the amount of video available. As outlined in the New Media Business Applications there are many uses for video and many of them can be ported over to traditional television and our own television shows.

Commercials – Compelling sales-oriented commercials can be used on the TV shows however,individual commercials should be developed for each project. Typically, commercials are 30, 60or even 90 seconds in length. Each commercial needs to be scripted, storyboarded and then produced another reason why it is so important to have a clearly articulated strategy.

Infomercials – Infomercials are full length programs that can fully explain a product or service.Usually in half-hour formats they have many calls to action, call now or visit a website are examples. We will be looking at successful infomercials that have stood the tests of time. In my research I have also discovered that 50 – 60% of successful infomercials are made up of testimonials. It is more important for your success to have others speak highly of their experiences instead of a self-pontificating script.

TV Shows – Getting an interview on a television show can greatly increase your credibility and sales with very little overhead. Although the number of shows may be limited, getting a news piece on the air or a segment on a specialty show can increase your exposure and results.

Internet TV Show – Since there are few limitations on developing Internet TV Shows considering the productions of your own shows can be very beneficial. People are spending more time on the Internet and in the coming decades as the Internet and television merge, shows, content and productions will become more significant. Another main benefit of creating your own productions is that it makes you part of the media, with the advantages of being able to attend press conferences, events and give you access to other project oriented content.

Video Press Release – Press releases are documents you send to news companies with the goal of getting an article printed in a newspaper, magazine, trade publication or interview on television. Reporters are always looking for unique stories and often have specific areas of specialty they focus on. By creating video press releases you have the ability to demonstrate your product or service with the support of video.


Next to television, radio can also be a very useful media for getting your message heard. A jingle, catchy phrase, memorable phone number and of course a good message can also stimulate immediate results. Since radio commercials are typically shorter, special consideration needs to be taken in the creative development. Radio stations are very oriented to specialized formats for instance; country music, talk radio, sports etc. It is very important to find the right radio station for your message.

Commercials – Snappy, concise, simple are the goals of creating a good radio spot. Since you do not have the support of graphics or video, it is imperative to create scripts that easily create the mental images you want to project. More important than television, repetition is critical for radio advertising. Typically you can select when your commercials get heard and the frequency. Most radio stations will also assist you with creative and the actual production of the spots however, you need to have a clear idea of what you want to say, again another reason to spend more time strategizing.

Stingers – These are short 5 – 7 second spots that are meant to reinforce the main radio commercials. For instance stingers that are used at the beginning and the end of commercial spots are called book ends and can simply be quick messages like a phone number or message like ‗come to our event’ and the date.

Radio Show – Just like television, if you can arrange the opportunity to get interviewed on the air it can increase your credibility and sales with little overhead expense. As with television there is an opportunity for you to buy your own air time. Some radio stations will allow you to buy time to develop your own show, although they may have some rules and regulations you must follow Starting your own radio show may be a great option for you to get your message out and will also create an image of credible expertise.

Internet Radio Show – Just as explained in the television portion, you are not limited by time so developing your own radio shows are a great way of communicating the information you need to get to your prospective customers. Since you are in control of the content there are almost limitless opportunities for you to create original content that you can use to educate, advertise and communicate. From simple interviews that can be done and recorded over the telephone to interactive shows that include chat, message boards and other elements. Today, they have been dubbed podcasts that can be downloaded onto personal audio devices and be heard basically anywhere, anytime without the use of a computer.

Audio Press Release – Just like a video press release, these documents can be voiced and sent to news companies with the goal of getting an article printed in a newspaper, magazine, trade publication or interview on radio. Reporters and show hosts are always looking for unique stories and often have specific areas of specialty they focus on. Most news companies are now open to receiving information in a number of formats so this unique approach might set you apart from the rest of the competition.


There are many ways on the Internet to market, promote, advertise and direct customers to your website/s. Since many people are spending more time online, using every possible method available to you only makes sense.

Affiliate Programs – These are programs that allow one website or page to refer business to another website or page. Referral fees are generally a percentage or a flat fee for a successfully completed sale. Usually, a button, banner or text link is used to take the viewer to the affiliated website. This is actually a way of making extra income from your websites and assists in raising your search engine ranking.

Animation – Graphics that move are obviously more effective then ones that don’t. If there are important messages that need to be communicated, BUY NOW, Click Here can be animated in two graphics that flash on and off, to draw attention to the shopping or ordering page. Animation also makes a great way to communicate messages, mini movies, characters, product demos, illustrations and other graphic simulations.

Audio – Adding audio to your website gives your viewer a different experience. You can add a welcome message, music, audio for each button, description files for the website or particular pages. Audio can be either embedded on the page that starts automatically when someone goes to the page or can be activated when viewers click on the audio link. Audio can also be used for large amounts of content like books, manuals, brochures that can be turned into audio books etc. It is recommended that if music starts when you enter a page, there should be a clearly visible volume/pause button.

Awards – Awards can give a guideline for top performance, creativity or other significant achievements used as a way of developing standards for your industry. By giving an award out,you are also creating a platform for establishing your expertise in your specific field.

Banners and Buttons – One of the most effective ways of adding content and easy navigation to your website is to add buttons and banners. These graphics give you the opportunity to bring attention to certain parts of your website through graphics. These graphics can be animated with mouse overs that change messages when the mouse is rolled over them. This is an effective way to let the viewer know that they have the mouse in the right place and all they have to do is click to activate the action the button represents.

Banner Exchange Programs – Just like affiliate programs, banner exchange programs link to other websites on the Internet. However, in this case usually there are no fees paid, but a reciprocal link is provided to your website and to the exchange website. For instance, if you are in the brick business, you may want to make your website available on a website that lists subcontractors or building materials. By exchanging banners with other websites, your search engine rankings improve and assist in increasing your traffic, with the added benefit that the viewer that clicks on your link is generally a very good prospect because they are typically interested in your product or service.

Call Buttons – These types of programs connect your website to your telephone. This has to be one of the best sales tools I have ever seen on the Internet. Once the call button has been clicked a form will ask for the person’s name and phone number, once they have put their information into the dialog box and activated, your phone will ring telling you who is on which web page, then it asks you to press 1 to connect. Once you press the connect button you will be speaking to the person directly. This is a great feature considering the fact you rarely know when and where

people are on your website.

Chat – Another great way for you to connect with potential customers is to have a live chat with people on your website. At any given point the viewer has an option to directly type a message to let’s say your customer service or salespeople. This direct communication can give you a significant advantage when someone is making a decision to buy your product or service.

Blogs – A blog as it is now typically called is actually the combination of web and log, short formed blog is simply an online diary or journal. Similar to newsgroups, blogs are typically dedicated to a person or special interest. Blogs typically log questions, answers, opinions, advice, comments and entries similar to a diary or journal. The ability to interact through primarily text gives the viewers the ability to review all entries of all the other users. Basically, a blog is a community of people interacting in a very direct way with the information presented. This type of element can really improve your credibility if you are giving professional advice or can improve your traffic as an attraction to your website.

Case Studies – As part of any good website, examples, demos, testimonials and scenarios about your product or service can give your potential customers a detailed look at how your product or service work. Case studies can assist your customers in making decisions about specifications, uses and other ways your product or service can benefit them. Making as much information available to prospective customers can only assist them in making a buying decision. Also making this information available can lead to inquiries from your prospective customers therefore, increasing the chances for you to make a sale.

Classified Ads – Just like the newspaper there are numerous classified advertising websites on the Internet. Typically categorized, you can usually ad your own ads for free or for a nominal fee. One of the great things about listing your wares on a classified website is that you typically get responders that are specifically interested in what you have to offer. Classified ads added to your website can also increase traffic and links from others interested in what you have to offer.

Channels – Specific areas of interests can be labelled as channels in some websites. On some websites channels are a way of categorizing content, for our purposes a channel refers to Internet TV Channels dedicated to specific areas of interest and purposes.

Co-Branding – The opportunity to co-brand a product or service usually is done with other companies or products that are similar to yours. Let’s say you make the world’s greatest pasta machine, you may want to co-brand pasta and sauce, bundling a special, sale or bonus together with a machine sale. Co-branding is also very productive in building affiliate programs, advertising offerings, banner exchange programs and joint marketing promotions. The people that you co-brand products or services with may be able to give you opportunities that you wouldn’t have received without this type of traffic.

Communities / Groups – Specific areas of interests or common subjects have drawn many people together worldwide. These communities or groups usually allow people to post, video, audio, text, graphics, animation and technology general use by the group. There are thousands of these communities and are available on websites like MSN, Yahoo and Google. Most of the websites are free to join and develop; a bit limiting in commercialism however, they can be a great source for education about specific areas of interest. For instance; if you sell seeds for plants, you may want to attend some of the gardening communities where enthusiasts are communicating.

Conferencing – Online meetings, worldwide participants attending special events or consulting can now be done in real time. Once you understand all the elements available for conferencing holding your own conferences are one of the best ways to communicate with many people at one time. For instance; if you make special conferences available to educate people about your product or service for free or a nominal charge, you can build many associations and viewers you couldn’t do on a local basis.

Contests – One of the number one ways of attracting people to your website, product or service. Most people are often attracted to winning something or entering contests, some of the most effective ways of increasing potential customer bases is to hold a contest of some sort. If the entrants are interested in your product or service, then having a way for you to capture their names, emails and numbers is significant for present and future communication. A typical rule in developing contests is to research the details, have clear rules and regulations, make sure that you are using acceptable marketing policies and usually you do not want to use your products or services as prizes, due to people waiting until a contest is over to consider the product or service.

Coupons – Everyone likes a deal, whether it’s a percentage off, a volume discount or money off coupons can encourage potential customers to buy. Coupons can be printed, referred to others and can also act as a reason for people to visit your website. Coupons can be bundled with other services, used in branding, co-branding and exchange programs.

Databases – Lists, lists and more lists, databases are basically that, lists of information; whether it’s an address book, list of inventory or database of prospective customers. Today, sending emails blindly is considered spam and not an acceptable way of marketing; however gathering information from people that visit your website is one of the most effective ways of building your most important databases. Asking your potential customers questions, giving them free information like a newsletter, contests, submission forms or other methods of having people submit their information on your website will give you what we call ―opt – in‖ permission. This means that the sender has given you permission to send them information, email, promotions or whatever you have promised them. In this way you are sending information that people want and not sending, junk mail, spam or unwanted messages.

Directories – Specialized online directories are very prevalent on the Internet, from phone books to specific lists of experts, professionals, people or communities. You will want to make sure that you are listed in these directories because you want to make it as easy as possible for you to be found. Directories are available in every language so if you are looking to expand your availability to other markets researching the directories available to you can be very advantageous.

Doorway Pages and Websites – Each search engine has specific characteristics to rank high. MSN, Google, Yahoo plus the other prominent search tools use specific algorithms to track, log and maintain ranking. Setting up separate websites, pages and mini-websites tailored to each search engine is a smart way of increasing your chances of being picked up by the engines.

Email – One of the fastest ways of communicating today, email is now a standard worldwide. Email is one of the most effective ways of staying in touch with people and businesses and properly used can be one of your best methods of marketing. Once you have developed an email database it can be used to keep customers informed about new products or services, updates or additional offers. Over time this can become one of your most important assets.

Internet Television – Yes, you can have your own show. You can say what you want, when you want and how you want. You can have a large or small audience; you are the star after all. Internet TV has many more benefits than traditional television. You can put as much content on the air and you are not regulated about what you say, how you say it, the words you use or the  manner in which you put them forward. You can express yourself; really express yourself and what you think. By combining traditional television commercials with Internet TV you can use your TV commercials to let people know what they have to look forward to when they go to your website. If you give people a reason to visit your website with a TV ad with a contest, special or some activity for them to do when they go to your website is one of the best ways to increase traffic.

Internet Radio – Just like Internet TV, Internet Radio gives you a unique media platform. Conversations, interviews, online meetings, product descriptions and numerous other uses allow you to host or produce your own Internet Radio content. You can produce a traditional radio show playing music, with the proper royalties in place of course, or you can have your own talk shows that revolve around specific topics. By introducing people to your content using audio, it will increase the amount of time people spend on your website by giving them a compelling reason to listen. Internet Radio also adds a tremendous benefit for people that have a hard time reading or can’t understand the written word but understand what they hear.

Newsgroups – As outlined in the Agendas, newsgroups can play an important role in finding people that have your common interest in mind. With thousands of these groups available the chances of you finding others in the world that are interested in what you are doing is very good. Newsgroups also give you the opportunity to share your knowledge with others that can assist in adding to your credibility and gives others a reason to seek your advice. Although commercialism in these areas is frowned upon there is no problem in posting your contact information and subtle comments about what you do professionally.

Newsletters – A great way to attract audiences, increase your opt-in databases and a good way of combining editorial content with advertising content. Newsletters are typically offered to audiences with a simple submission form that includes name plus email address and usually sent out once a month. There are a number of programs available that can assist you in developing a professional newsletter complete with graphics and now you can even integrate video and audio messages.

Portals – A website that functions as a point of access to information on the Internet. MSN is one of the largest portals in the world, as well as many others. Portals usually integrate lists, directories and other navigation that allows you to gain access to large libraries of information or data. If your product or service warrants a large amount of data you may consider developing your own portal to assist people in specific areas.

Print – Making materials, that are normally printed and mailed out or distributed, available online has many benefits. Manuals can be detailed with new media in ways traditional print can’t, portions can be printed at the customer’s discretion. Directions, maps, illustrations and many other traditional print materials can be developed electronically and distributed through your websites. Sensitive documents can be secured and encrypted with passwords and sent with specialized document programs.

RSS Really Simple Syndication, is a family of Web feed formats used to publish frequently updated content such as blog entries, news headlines, and podcasts. An RSS document (which is called a “feed” or “web feed” or “channel”) contains either a summary of content from an associated web website or the full text. RSS makes it possible for people to keep up with web websites in an automated manner that can be piped into special programs or filtered displays. RSS content can be read using software called an “RSS reader”, “feed reader” or an “aggregator”. The user subscribes to a feed by entering the feed’s link into the reader or by clicking an RSS icon in a browser that initiates the subscription process. The reader checks the user’s subscribed feeds regularly for new content, downloading any updates that it finds.

Search Engines – One of the most effective ways of increasing traffic and results for your websites. In developing your website/s, careful consideration for the content you put on your pages is very important. Keywords, the number of keywords, links, comment tags, alt tags (words that describe your graphics) are all important in creating search engine friendly pages. MSN, Google and Yahoo are the largest search engines in the world today. Each search engine has advertising programs to make sure your website is on the first page. If the link to your website does not come up on the first or second page, the chances of this being a good tool are slim to none. In the beginning of campaign launches, opting for the pay to advertise programs is usually a good investment. Sometimes it takes years to rise in the search engines for the keywords you want recognized. Some search engine and directory services have locked up keywords on the main pages of other search engines and can be a great service for specific keywords you want emphasized. .

Shopping Websites – Obviously, people go to these websites to buy. Whatever websites cater to your products and services need to be researched and carefully considered in your overall strategies. Making sure that your product or services are prominent on these websites can make the difference between success and failure. If your competitors are on these websites and you aren’t, who do you think will sell more? MSN, eBay, Yahoo, Google, Amazon and a number of specialty websites are among the largest shopping websites in the world. Always make sure that you understand all the security procedures of websites before you decide to put your products or services online.

Submission Forms – This type of marketing is also very important for you in developing your website/s. These forms include any type of information that you are requesting from the viewer, name, address, email or other details. These forms can gather the most important information for your business, your database. You need to consider the fact that people typically don’t want to disclose their personal information online unless there is a good reason or reward. You need to consider the information you are asking for and a very clear reason why they would want to give you this information. Keeping details simple, like name and email address can start the process that can lead to further detailed communications.

Surveys / Questionnaires / Testimonials – There is nothing like getting information from the people that you want to market to. Doing surveys and questionnaires can reveal valuable data for present and future modifications. Again, you need to have a clear reason and/or reward for people to spend the time giving their opinions or advice.

Video – Promotional videos, corporate videos or other video applications can be put onto CD’s or DVD’s that can be distributed to potential customers. Videos can be very helpful in explaining sophisticated, expensive or complicated products or services. The more information you can make available to a prospective customer the better. By offering FREE (best advertising word in history) CD’s or DVD’s can do a few things;

1. allows you to ask for name, address, other details

2. gives you a reason to follow-up

Viral – Viral marketing and viral advertising refer to marketing techniques that use preexisting social networks to produce increases in brand awareness or to achieve other marketing objectives (such as product sales) through self-replicating viral processes, analogous to the spread of pathological and computer viruses. It can be word-of-mouth delivered or enhanced by the network effects of the Internet. Viral marketing is a marketing phenomenon that facilitates and encourages people to pass along a marketing message voluntarily. Viral promotions may take the form of video clips, interactive Flash games, advergames, eBooks, brandable software, images, or even text messages. It is claimed that a satisfied customer tells an average of three people about a product or service he/she likes, and eleven people about a product or service which he/she did not like. Viral marketing is based on this natural human behaviour. The goal of marketers interested in creating successful viral marketing programs is to identify individuals with high Social Networking Potential (SNP) and create Viral Messages that appeal to this segment of the population and have a high probability of being passed along. The term “viral marketing” is also sometimes used pejoratively to refer to stealth marketing campaigns.

Webcasts – A webcast is a media file distributed over the Internet using streaming media technology. As a broadcast may either be live or recorded, similarly, a webcast may either be distributed live or recorded. Essentially, webcasting is ―broadcasting‖ over the Internet. The generally accepted use of the term webcast is the “transmission of linear audio or video content over the Internet”. A webcast uses streaming media technology to take a single content source and distribute it to many simultaneous listeners/viewers. The largest “webcasters” include existing radio and TV stations that “simulcast” their output, as well as a multitude of Internet only “stations”. The term webcasting is usually reserved for referring to non-interactive linear streams or events. Rights and licensing bodies offer specific “webcasting licenses” to those wishing to carry out Internet broadcasting using copyright material. Webcasting is also used extensively in the commercial sector for investor relations presentations (such as Annual General Meetings), in E-learning (to transmit seminars), and for related communications activities.


The written word is still one of the best and most powerful tools humankind has to communicate. Print takes many forms and has been clearly one of the best methods of communication for many thousands of years.

Books – Obviously, books are a great way to communicate. They are portable, easy to access, cost effective and can contain many thoughts and ideas. This is probably one of the easiest ways of getting valuable information to potential customers. If it is cost efficient enough you may be able to put together a small book that you can afford to give to prospective customers. Again, offering something FREE, to qualified customers may yield many dividends in the way of sales. Pamphlets that detail your website/s, products and services can also be a good form of advertising and a great way of promoting your business.

Bookmarks – Since bookmarks serve a purpose and can be used over and over, they make a good accessory to your books, plus they can have pertinent data printed on them that lead directly to your website, features or other marketing efforts. Relatively inexpensive, bookmarks can be given away, used at events, serve as a ticket, contest number or simply display your website address. They can also become multipurpose if you add a ruler, facts, statistics or other information that people need to keep handy.

Brochures – Making it easy for people to learn about your business can be done quickly through a brochure. Brochures usually give a quick overview of your business, products and services as well as your contact information. Brochures can be used as direct mail pieces or handouts at events plus they should give people enough information to make inquiries, calls or even orders. Brochures also give a guide for people to start conversations and basic information for people that represent you to use as a mini-sales presentations.

Business Cards – A standard piece of business literature, the business card can serve many functions. Contact information of course, however, pictures can be added as well as product data, special codes or access numbers, contests, brief overviews or special website information and addresses. Today, we have business card CD’s, the size of a business card; they can store digital information including video, audio, text, graphics, animation and technology. These types of business cards are more expensive, however in this day and age where most people have access to technology giving a unique introduction like this to a prospective customer could really assist in making a sale. Another good thing about having a digital business card is that they can be used many times over and given to others.

Calendars – One of the good things about using a calendar for advertising is that it is used all  ear. Timing is obviously very important, you need to deliver calendars mid to late November for  them to get posted and used. Most calendars print December in the present year so the calendar finds a place in the home or office to get ready for the next year. Since printing usually takes a minimum of a couple of weeks, artwork, creative and production should take place at the beginning of October, mid to late September is better to be ready in time. Calendars are another way to create a compelling reason for people to give you their names and addresses. Depending  on the quality of the calendar and the cost of distribution, calendars can be a very economical way of keeping your name in front of not only your customers but their friends and families.

Case Studies – Nothing can tell your story like examples of how your products or services are used by customers. Details and real life situations can illustrate perhaps unique and innovative ways customers have implemented solutions. Depending on how technical your product or service the more information gathered the better the case study. Next to testimonials, this type of customer data is very compelling content to prospective customers, the more unique and innovative the application the better. Case studies should identify ways that customers have saved time, money, effort, energy or resources. they can also demonstrate how improvements have been made in their lives, organizations, communications or others they are involved with. These studies should also clearly detail the; who, what, where, when, why’s and how’s.

Comment Cards – Very often overlooked, customer comment cards can be very beneficial tobusiness. Sometimes, they can be very critical if done anonymously, that can be good and bad. As a business owner you need to know how customers feel about your business and it can be sometimes emotionally distressing to hear negatives however, it is also very rewarding to hear positive comments. Comment cards can easily be included when a product is shipped or a service is rendered, although some people may not fill out the cards the ones you do receive will be very beneficial. If you can’t get your cards filled out immediately, it may be necessary to apply prepaid postage only for the cards that do get sent in.

Contest Registrations – Contests are an easy way for you to gather the critical information you need in order to qualify and gather prospective customers. Contests need to be researched and examined for the proper policies and regulations for your market. Some contests can be simple or more complex depending on the prizes, typically the registrations should have a couple of questions relating to your product and service so you can identify the best possible contestants for your product or service. Contests usually have time limits and the winners should somehow be publicly announced even if it is just on your website or through other media. Again, a it is not a good idea to put up your product or service as the prize but other attractive prizes like trips, related products/services, or other desirable items like tickets, gifts or dinners.

Coupons – This can be a very inexpensive approach to gaining new customers. Just like online coupons, standard printed coupons can be done in bulk and distributed at events, with products or services or as a good reason to send direct mail to your customer or potential customer base. Coupons can come in many forms, 2 for 1 offers, discounts, additional products / services orother unique offers.

Collateral Literature – This is any literature developed for your products/services and business. These materials include all printed literature like manuals, sales guides, policies, procedures, copies of certifications, media kits, training/instructional, promotional etc. Some of these materials may not be useful to a potential customer however; some elements from your collateral literature may be beneficial. A review of all your literature thinking about what information would be beneficial to potential customers is always a good idea.

Direct Mail – Also known as junk mail, advertising mail or ad mail, is the delivery of unsolicited advertising material to recipients of postal mail. It forms a significant subdiscipline of direct marketing. Direct mail includes advertising circulars, catalogues, CDs, pre-approved credit card applications, and other unsolicited commercial merchandising materials delivered to both homes and businesses. It may be addressed to pre-selected individuals, or unaddressed and delivered on a neighbourhood-by-neighbourhood basis.

Flyers –Usually a single sheet of paper printed on one or both sides and/or folded in half, in thirds, or in fourths (sometimes referred to as a leaflet), or it may consist of a few pages that are folded in half and stapled at the crease to make a simple book. Flyers are a very inexpensive and easy way to communicate your main messages. You need to really be creative when designing a flyer simply because there are so many of them out there. A compelling sales message and some reason for people to contact you is very important in this form of marketing literature.

Labels – Anytime you have the opportunity to label your products/services you should make sure your contact information, including your website/s are clear, to make it as easy as possible for people to get in touch with you. Whether the label is for a CD, DVD or piece of literature, it is important to include as much information as possible with your creative touch.

Letters – This form of communication can be very effective due to the limited ways businesses use today. Most businesses use letters mostly for accounting purposes; invoices, reminders and notices. Letters can be used in some very creative ways; thank-you notes, birthday or anniversary messages, announcements, event invitations, certificates, awards and other forms of letters. Sometimes a letter not an invoice can be a welcome reminder or gesture not normally expected.

Magazines – Magazines, periodicals or serials are publications, generally published on a regular schedule, containing a variety of articles, generally financed by advertising, by a purchase price, or both. Most magazines are targeted to special interests and generally have editorial copy surrounded typically by related advertising. Magazine editors usually set-up the editorial schedules a year in advance for the journalists to write. It is important that you research every publication relating to your business in regards to specific content or stories the magazine may be interested in publishing. Sending a press release, directly contacting the journalist or editor is a good way to introduce your business and making them aware of your existence. It is very important that you have a compelling reason for them to include you in their editorials. Journalists are always looking for stories that are unique, newsworthy, new and perhaps history making. Thinking about what makes your business unique is critical and could make the difference in getting your story published or not. Typically editorial departments and advertising departments have very different and distinct agendas, when approaching the editorial department make sure that you are news oriented in your presentation instead of advertising oriented. If you do get the opportunity to get your story published adding an ad to the magazine is a natural secondary consideration. This formula is also used with many other forms of media like newspapers, television shows, radio shows and any other form of news media. An article with your business included can add a lot of credibility for you and sets you apart from your competition.

Manuals – Handbooks, instructions manuals, guides, user manuals, help manuals and other types of manuals can assist potential customers in making decisions about your business. A short manual that outlines your website/s may be a good way to introduce your business to prospective customers. Manuals that overview and outline your business may also be very beneficial, assisting potential customers in making the decision to acquire your products/service.

Merchandise – T-shirts, baseball caps, jackets etc. that have your logo, website address and your message can assist in bringing exposure and brand awareness to your business. In today’s age people are buying these products so making a small profit on advertising has become common. If your interest is not making profit but getting your name out there making merchandise available at cost or just above is a good strategy. Merchandise can be a good reward for people giving you their information, entering a contest or buying your product/service. Many businesses use merchandise as an incentive, for instance; the first 50 people to buy will get a t-shirt, buy 2 and

receive a jacket as a bonus.

Newsletters – Educating your potential customers is an important aspect of sales. Newsletters accomplish many tasks; gives a reason for people to give you their information, qualifies your prospective client because it shows their interest, allows you to get the right information out, a place to put testimonials, advertisements, updates, graphics, related links from your website or other important links, editorial content and many more features. As suggested before this is a great reason for people to give you their personal information.

Packaging – The science, art and technology of enclosing or protecting products for distribution, storage, sale, and use. Packaging also refers to the process of design, evaluation, and production of packages. Any written, electronic or graphic communications on the packaging, or on a separate but associated label. An obvious opportunity to put your branding, contact information, instructional information, etc. Your packaging should reflect your logo, business colour schemes, product descriptions, warranties and should reflect your business image. Registration cards should be included to promote communication with your customers after they have bought.

Postcards – A postcard or post card is a rectangular piece of thick paper or thin cardboard intended for writing and mailing without an envelope and at a lower rate than a letter. Easy to carry, handout and distribute, postcards can double as business cards, mini-brochures and small sales presentations. A popular use for postcards today are using them as invitations or tickets to events, there is enough room to put all the contact or event information and enough room to make it graphically appealing.

Posters – A poster is any large piece of printed paper designed to be attached to a wall or vertical surface. Typically posters include both textual and graphic elements, although a poster may be either wholly graphical or wholly textual. Posters are designed to be both eye-catching and convey information. Posters may be used for many purposes, and they are a frequent tool of advertisers. You can use posters to give a graphical view of your website, products, services,events or an advertisement.

Quotations / Proposals / Literature – Once you have received an inquiry, a timely response with a quotation or proposal can increase the opportunity for you to make a sale, giving people the information they need to make a buying decision. Your proposals should have all pertinent information about who to contact, numbers, addresses, website information and all other information critical for a new customer. Another way of using proposals is to send your existing customer base proposals or literature for additional sales. It is a fact that if your existing customer base is happy with your product / service that they will order again plus refer others, however you still need to give them a good reason to do so.

Rebate Cards – Many companies have used rebates as a successful way of getting people to buy products and send in their personal information. In many instances a business will sell products to retailers and never know who the final customers are. Rebates are typically very successful because it represents real money. Rebates obviously need to be tracked and accounted for very accurately plus the information needs to be compiled into a database in order to use the information in later campaigns.

Registration Cards – Another way of gathering critical information about customers are registration cards. Again in this instance you need to make it easy for people to send these cards back to you, so prepaid postage and a limited amount of information – short and sweet. Giving some reason and reward again is important in this situation.

Registration Forms – Any event you attend, meeting that you go to, networking opportunity or trade show there are ways for you to get registration forms completed. Registration forms can be as simple as gathering a name and email address from an event, registration for a contest or registration form from your product or service. Although registration forms for products are typically very rarely sent back if there is no incentive to do so, a compelling call to action needs to be considered when preparing your registration cards or forms.

Signage – Illustrations of your logo and business name plus taglines are typical signs. Signs for tradeshows, advertisements or specials are also good uses. Signs can be used as guides if you are holding events, directions, relative information, banners and billboards plus any other uses. Today, signs can be designed and printed fairly economically and are a great way to illustrate the details of your business when you are at events. Special signs can be designed to let people know that you have a contest or special going on.

Tear-offs – This type of advertisement is effective in acquiring names of potential customers. Typically tear-offs are attached to a card stock plaque that explains what the tear-offs represent. Tear-offs can also have a postage prepaid stamp on them to make it as easy as possible for people to fill-out and send in. These tear-offs can be entries to a contest, requests for more information or a special request for an evaluation product, sample or some other incentive  to give people a reason to give you their information.

Pens / Key Tags / Specialty – In the world of advertising there is a category called ―specialty advertising‖. This type of advertising can be very specifically targeted to a particular audience or very broad based. For instance if you have a golf product and you want to attract golfers you might give away golf tees with your logo and phone number on them. Pens and key tags are another popular way of getting your message into peoples’ hands. Pens, typically get passed from one person to another so their life can be used many times over, although temporary until they are empty, they act as a subconscious message for people and when they need your services the chances of them remembering you are greatly increased.

Press Releases – As explained earlier press releases are a great way of getting your messages out to the media. Typically a press release is no more than 2 pages, concise and highlights your message and present goals plus campaigns. It is very important for you to have a media list of all the television, radio, Internet and print mediums in a database so you can send your press releases to the appropriate people. You should schedule press releases every quarter to keep your name at the forefront of media attention. It is also a good practice to follow-up with a phone call to the media that you have sent your press releases to. A press release can stimulate public relations that can be more valuable than spending thousands of dollars on advertising. Getting a story done on you and your business can lead to interviews on television, radio, on the Internet or in print. If you are involved in a specific market finding all the trade magazines that are related to your business is important. Magazines have schedules about the stories they are working on so knowing what their editorial schedule is may be the best way to know when your press release will have the best impact and chances of success.

Other forms of advertising considerations


Public relations (PR) is the practice of managing the flow of information between an organization and its public’s.

PR aims to gain an organization or individual positive exposure to their key stakeholders. Common activities include speaking at conferences, winning industry awards, working with the press and employee communications.

Typical Job Tasks for “Public Relations Specialists”

· Prepare or edit organizational publications for internal and external audiences, including employee newsletters and stockholders’ reports, media, newsgroups, social media, live broadcasts, webcasts, virtual events, interviews, press conferences

· Respond to requests for information from the media or designate another appropriate spokesperson or information source.

· Establish and maintain cooperative relationships with representatives of community, consumer, employee, and public interest groups.

· Plan and direct development and communication of informational programs to maintain favourable public and stockholder perceptions of an organization’s accomplishments and agenda.

· Confer with production and support personnel to produce or coordinate production of advertisements and promotions.

· Arrange public appearances, lectures, contests, or exhibits for clients to increase product and service awareness and to promote goodwill.

· Study the objectives, promotional policies and needs of organizations to develop public relations strategies that will influence public opinion or promote ideas, products and services.


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